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“All of the tutors were very helpful and were willing to assist you if you were stuck. The material covered was very broad and I particularly liked having the booklet to work through and jot down answers and notes. The extra questions were a great addition. Overall I am very happy that I went on the course and would encourage others to do so, as I feel it was very beneficial and a great help in the application process.”

Thomas B

Please note that the course dates have been changed from 1st/2nd October to 23rd/24th October and the Early Bird deadline to 21st September. 

Can’t attend in person or missed Part 1?

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PAT Physics

Part 2

  • Calculate the characteristics of any combination of resistors and capacitors
  • Determine and draw complex behaviour in accelerated particles
  • Simplify any physical situation by considering work and energy
  • Analyse any mechanical system using thermodynamics
  • Combine concrete circuits and abstract conservation laws to handle electrical energy and power

The Oxford PAT exam is now only half a term away for those applying to Oxford to study Physics or Engineering, and a similar test is now in place for Cambridge applicants too. (NSAA for Natural Sciences and ENGAA for Engineering)

The time to prepare for either is short, but at STEP Maths, we have condensed all of the necessary preparation into our short PAT courses.  We will survey all of the most important topics that we have observed to come up in recent PAT papers, some of which you may not yet have had time to cover at school.

PAT questions differ from A-level questions in that you will have no calculator and limited access to explicit formulae, so we will make sure you are aware of what you need to remember and what tricks you can use to answer questions quickly without extensive calculations.

Working and discussing questions with others, but with constant support from our tutors, you will be able to share ideas on how to glean and use the most important information from each question quickly, and you will be presented with different ways of analysing common problems.


Suitable for Year 13 students who are thinking of studying Physics, Engineering, Materials Science, Natural Sciences at Undergraduate level.

This course is useful preparation for ANY Physics Course, not just at Oxford. In particular, you will find the ideas discussed very useful for Physics Interviews at any university.

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PAT Physics Courses for the Oxford PAT Exam- Physics, Engineering, Materials Science

Oxford Physics and Engineering

PAT (the Physics Aptitude Test) is an entrance exam for Oxford University, for students who are applying for Physics, Engineering, Materials Science and related courses.

If you pass the PAT paper, you will be called for a Maths and Physics problem based interview.


What are your concerns?

  • Planning to study Maths, Physics, Engineering or Material Science at university?
  • Need to sit another University Physics test at interview? Eg at Cambridge?
  • Want to broaden your knowledge of Physics for interviews and the PAT exam?
  • Finding it hard to decipher what the PAT questions are actually asking?
  • Need to master principles and formulae? (without the formula sheet, which isn’t allowed)
  • Are your past paper scores lower than expected?
  • Confused by the incredibly vague PAT Physics syllabus and worried you may have missed something?
  • Study the IB and not sure if you’ve covered everything for the PAT?
  • Need to work on your problem solving skills?

Don’t worry, the PAT Physics team is here to help…

Our intensive PAT Physics Preparation Courses will equip you with the knowledge and problem solving skills to succeed with the PAT and any other Physics interviews and tests you may have to take. Our Physics Syllabus is very thorough and very wide, so should help you with any test and interview preparation relating to Physics, even if you aren’t required to take the PAT exam.

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  • Experienced and highly qualified Physics PAT tutors
  • Extremely generous tutor to pupil ratio
  • Topic by topic discussions, linking key ideas to improve problem solving skills
  • Students learn how to apply skills from different topics together to answer long, unstructured problems
  • Questions from multiple sources (not just the PAT) to ensure your preparation is as thorough as it can be
  • Frequent opportunities to ask questions and get personalised help
  • Group-work opportunities to improve articulation, fluency and learn from peers as well as tutors

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This course was really useful and gave me extra practice for answering PAT questions which I maybe wouldn’t be able to do on my own at home. The high teacher to student ratio meant that there was a lot of help around if you got stuck on a question. Group work also helped with this since you could gain another view on how to answer a question. The course also really helped me to gain a better understanding on topics which I hadn’t yet been taught at school and wouldn’t have been able to teach myself.
Mia L
I highly enjoyed the day, where I learnt new knowledge which was further reinforced by practising questions which were applicable or the same as the PAT tests, and this has made me more confident going into the PAT exam.

The content was challenging and interesting.

Nathan T

Maths for PAT

19th August 2016

  • Inferences
  • Functions
  • Inequalities
  • Estimates
  • Polynomials
  • Graph Sketching

PAT Part 1

20th August 2016

  • Forces
  • Springs and Strings
  • Orbits
  • Electrostatics
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Radioactivity

PAT Part 2


  • Dynamics
  • Circular Motion
  • Circuits
  • Energy, Work and Power
  • Thermodynamics

PAT Part 3


  • Sketching Rational Functions
  • Harder Inequalities
  • C3/C4 Differentiaton
  • C3/C4 Integration

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Past PAT Physics Courses

Multibuy Offer

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Maths for PAT

Part 1

  • Become familiar with the short multiple choice questions from MAT
  • PAT questions from the Mathematics Section
  • Learn how to justify and infer logical statements
  • Learn how to sketch unfamiliar graphs – frequently asked in MAT, PAT and interviews
  • Manage higher order polynomials and use inequalities and estimates to answer questions
A decent PAT exam score can change your life, so you can never be excessively prepared for it. In any case, regardless of the number of hours you spend on past papers, working through the material all alone can only get you so far. Passing your A-levels would be considerably more troublesome if you had no teacher and had to learn by simply doing past paper practice. The same applies when getting ready for the PAT paper – having a teacher to clarify the question’s peculiarities, the distinct methods needed for it and the quickest route to the solution has a huge impact.

Our one-day Maths for PAT Preparation Course will give you the chance to figure out how best to approach relatively short Maths questions, led by two recent first class Oxford graduates who have experience of working in top schools.

We will advance through a progression of unique questions produced by STEP Maths. They have been created to acquaint you with and hone in on methods applicable to the PAT paper, sprinkled with older Oxford entrance questions that you may not have seen before. You will have an opportunity to first attempt the material alone or in small groups, with clarifications and individual help accessible at every stage.

The material and format are, most importantly, planned to give you new insights into the questions and to caution you as to the common pitfalls, without simply practising past questions you may well have utilized in your own study.


Suitable for Year 12 students who are thinking of studying Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering or Natural Sciences at university. Need to have studied the equivalent of C1 and C2.

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PAT Physics Part 1

Part 1

  • Forces and Free Body Diagrams
  • Stretching Springs and Strings
  • Examining orbits
  • Elecrostatics and Electromagnnetic Radiaton
  • Radioactivity and Radioactive Decay

If you are considering a physics or related degree at a top university, you might be facing the additional hurdle of an interview or admissions test.

In particular, Oxford applicants face the task of preparing for the PAT paper. The PAT will probe your knowledge of the full breadth of the physics curriculum, and your general purpose reasoning ability on top of that, but it is possible to prepare for. For this reason, applicants either to Oxford or other top universities often find that PAT practice improves their preparedness for interview and other tests.

We at STEP Maths aim to help you with your preparation. Over a series of 1-day courses, we will progress through a variety of physics topics known to come up in PAT papers.

Our first course will include force diagrams, elasticity, orbits, electrostatics, electromagnetic radiation, and radioactivity. You will be refreshed on the background theory for each topic and will receive the opportunity to answer a number of short, unseen questions.

Working cooperatively to answer questions, you will be able to practise explaining your reasoning to others. Full solutions to each question will be provided and we will discuss different possible approaches to and wider ramifications of individual problems.

Prerequisites and further information:

Suitable for Year 12 students who are thinking of studying Physics,  Engineering or Natural Sciences at university. Need to have studied the equivalent of AS Physics.

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NB Registration for this particular course is NOW CLOSED.

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