Current Engineering Preparation Courses inc. ENGAA


The depth the presenters went to in their explanations helped me understand the questions a lot better.

Jamie R

The student to teacher ratio was great, there was always someone to ask and the paired work/mini whiteboards helped us understand the slightly longer questions.

Alfi M-S

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Physics for Engineering

Exam (ENGAA) and Interview Preparation

  • Be faced with unfamiliar problems in Physics – excellent Interview Preparation
  • Expert tutors to guide, advise and explain tough concepts
  • Examine a wide range of topics deeply
  • Hone in on skills needed to successfully navigate the ENGAA
  • Come away having learnt a LOT that you didn’t even know you didn’t know…


Suitable for students who have studied AS Physics

The ENGAA is a recently launched Pre-University Admissions Exam (Engineering Admissions Assessment). Students applying for Engineering at Cambridge will be required to sit this test in November. As it is a brand new exam, only sample materials are available at present.

Our Physics for ENGAA course will give students a profound understanding of the physics concepts tested in the ENGAA. The course draws on tricky material from a variety of different sources, much of which will be framed in an unfamiliar way. Our tutors will guide you through each question step by step, allowing you to see what the examiner is asking for. This course will also serve as useful preparation for University Interviews, particularly at Oxbridge, where the nature of interviews is very academic.

If you are sitting the ENGAA this November, you simply cannot miss this course!

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